Hello and welcome to Dear Adult.

This is a Blog about life, but it is certainly not an ordinary story.

My name is Biljana.

For many years, I worked as a Primary School Teacher in Melbourne. I have always been interested in what motivates and inspires students to have inner drive, to discover, to remain curious and fascinated about the world around them. In the earlier days I spent a great deal of time looking at the connection between the emotional wellbeing of students to their learning outcomes. Many teachers at the time were seeing a correlation between emotional wellbeing and student learning outcomes. As usual, teachers tend to be ahead of the mainstream ideas, intuitively knowing and having a strong sense of what is happening with their students. Eventually, research catches up with teacher intuition as we have seen in the area of student wellbeing.

Thank goodness for that!

For me however, that desire to understand went further as I searched for real strategies to help students to not only be aware of their emotional state but to also learn skills that could help them manage their emotions in a positive and meaningful way. To identify and to name emotions is one thing, but to have the tools to take action is a whole different level.

This led me to go back to school myself where I studied the ancient art of yoga, yoga therapy, meditation, art therapy, massage, EFT tapping technique (not an ancient therapy itself but deriving from the ancient understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Meridians – energetic pathways) I learned about Chakras (energy centres), colour therapy, music therapy, reflexology and so much more. I couldn’t stop, it was all so fascinating and comforting to know that there are literally hundreds of ways to actively feel good, positive and balanced. However, I had all this knowledge and all these ways to feel really good, yet daily I struggled with students who were not able to manage their emotions and actions. Children who lacked confidence, could not focus and had difficulty getting along with others.

Eventually, mindfulness and yoga made their way into schools as a way of quietening the mind and increasing student focus. All good things come to those who wait and for the record, it also proved that I wasn’t just some mad hippie going on about the benefits of teaching children how to quieten the mind.

For me however, I was living in two very seperate worlds. I had a school life where I was bound by the limitations of what I could do as a classroom teacher and then I had my other life as a yoga and meditation facilitator. Some people refer to it as the alternative way, however I don’t like the idea of alternative as I believe in the concept of oneness. Alternative lifestyle more or less implies a concept of ‘them and us’, there is an undertone of division. On the other hand, a holistic approach encompasses all aspects of individual needs and allows access to everything available.

Here you will discover endless life lessons through the eyes of my favourite kind of people, the little ones

honest, real, optimistic, colourful

full of love and joy

Although I have many years of experience working with children, I am in no way calling myself an expert. My writing is not academic, and will not include latest research, facts and figures. There are plenty of academics out there doing a great job providing the world with such information. I am not one of them. My goal is to simplify the research and make it available to a wider audience through story telling. As the oldest and most continuous form expressing our human experience and connection, something that is present in every culture and part of our physical world. Stories not only have the ability to articulate and express our emotional state but also evoke those dormant emotions deep within us, convincing us to live more than we do, to love a lot more than we do and to have compassion and understanding for others.

My words are intuitive, reflective and do not serve to provide answers. Instead, I hope to plant seeds of thought within every individual reading. To give people something to think about, relate to, agree or disagree with and reflect upon.

I am just a story teller.

The other thing you need to know is that by sharing parts of my writing which will one day be published in a book, you are seeing the raw and unedited version. It’s not perfect and if I wait for perfect, it will never arrive and neither will the stories.

For now, I’m excited about working with the Dear Adult community. One that truly understands the worth of moving forward together in a non-competitive manner. A community of people willing to accept change as the only way forward.

Welcome to our community!!!

Welcome to a world where children speak and adults listen!